…But where have you been?

me again
Busy. And lazy. A deathly combination for a free-time-blogger (or at least for me).

In November, lots of things happened in my “professional” life. I started working two jobs, one as a waitress and one as some sort of bartender (I basically give beer to people all day long). I don’t really love them, but it’s money. Money I need for next year when I’m going to start studying.
For the first two weeks of November I also had an internship at a local designstudio. Their focus is more on interior- and productdesign but I simply loved their stuff, so I decided to go for it. My city doesn’t really have a HUGE offer in terms of design and art and they have by far the coolest style of all the studios in the city and I loved their stuff in general as well.

I had two tasks for my internship. One was to reinterpret one of their products called “Neuer Ordner”, which is basically the classic windows-folder made from metal so you can put it on your wall.
I decided to fill that thing up with flowers. The idea behind the Ordner is to bring the digital world back into the real one, so I immediately heard my grandma say “Girl, go outside, pick some flowers!”. So there I go. I also think it just looks really cool because of the very clean lines of the Ordner opposing the disorder in the flowers.

neuer ordner2-1.jpgThe second task was to design something christmas-y. Originally, it was supposed to be a small product but since I had limited time and they already knew that I’m more of an illustration & graphics girl, I was allowed to creat Christmas cards. Here, our idea was to connect social media or internet-phenomenons with traditional christmas things.

They’re now for sale on Redbubble!


But of course I’ve been at least a little creative when I was at home. Here’s an epic compilation of my art adventures.




And last but not least, a little sneak peak.
If you’re on tumblr and interested in Psychology you might know Psych2go. They share interesting little facts about Psychology everyday and since earlier this year, they have their own facebook group and a couple of smaller groups for specific things. There’s one for photographers, for writers, for dream interpretation and one for doodles.
I’m pretty active in this group and after I posted my FKA twigs drawing one of the creators of Psych2go apporached me and asked if I’d like to be a part of the Psych2go Magazine Graphic Design team.
Of course I said yes.

Here’s one of the doodles I made for the magazine:


Can you guess the topic of the article? 🙂
Also, sometime next year I’m going to illustrate for a feminist zine as well, it’s going to be about women in Hollywood & the movie industry 


Guess who’s back


And guess who also started a new sketchbook?
Correct, it’s me.

November was a VERY busy month for me, that’s why there were no new posts. I had an internship at a local designstudio, Njustudio, which was an amazing experience. I was allowed to do my own interpretation of one of their products and create a couple of christmas cards (which are now for sale on Redbubble. So if you need a couple of gifts, you know where to shop.)
Aside from the internship I started working two jobs as well, so whenever I was home I just fell into my bed and turned into an actual sloth. But it was worth it, I got money, I got experience.

If you’ve been following my Instagram, you might know that I participated

Drawing and Chinese Take-Away. This is how I roll.

in Inktober and ALMOST finished 31 drawings. 15 is almost 31, don’t argue with my logic in that point. The VERY belated Inktober post is going to come too, maybe in some sort of “What I’ve been up to in my absence in general” post. Not sure yet.
Inktober was fun, Inktober was a great challenge and made me realise one thing:

I love drawing traditionally as much as I love doing it digitally.

That’s why I decided to start a new Sketchbook, where I want to start using watercolour again, keep on doing ink-things and experiment with techniques and mediums a bit.

In the first week of Sketchbook-Shenanigans it seemed like there definitely was forming some sort of pattern.
Passive to very active aggressiveness.

Without further ado, here are my little, pink sketch-gems. Beware, there are a couple of middle fingers and swearing.

See ya later, alligator!

I need a break

It’s day 14 of Inktober! Two weeks already!
I never would have thought it, but I’m actually only one day behind so far! And I even like most of my inktober drawings. It’s amazing.
But Inktober left me little time to draw digitally so I decided to take a small Ink-break today and draw something with my beloved tablet today.
Of course I’ll draw my Ink-thing for today as well (I REALLY want 31 drawings in the end), but this was a nice change after two weeks of ink.

But I can tell you, Ink is an amazing medium and I definitely am going to use it more often in the future.
If you want to check out my Inktober girls,  feel free to visit my Instagram!

But anyway. Here’s my little digital drawing:



And the final thing
And the final thing

During painting I just needed to hum “like a prayer” by Madonna all the time. But the “praying” hands are not really a religious statement, they’re more of a “Can I draw hands yet?”

In other news:

If you’re interested in prints, mugs, phone cases, laptop sleeves and all that jazz, you can now find my stuff on Redbubble! 

I think of joining Society 6 too, so maybe I’ll see you soon on there as well!

Even bigger news: My drawing of this lovely witch is going to be published in a real, actual magazine.Like, a magazine made from paper and all that.
I’m so excited.

witch ebenen

Draw Things You Hate Drawing Sundays- September

Last month I told you about my plan to improve & challenge myself and here we are, second month. 

Now this month was a bit different. It was less (or none) traditional “studies”/figure drawing exercises but one bigger painting that took me two Sundays, one drawing I did to try a new medium, in this case, it was ink. I did this practice with ink because this month I am going to participate in Inktober 🙂
Inktober is basically an art challenge where you draw with ink every day in October. It’s not about doing big, masterful ink drawings but more about doing little sketches and doodles. I’m really excited about this and really hope I can do this. I also decided not to do Draw Things You Hate Drawing Sundays in October because of the daily drawings I’m going to do, so instead of a DTYHD-Post by the end of October, there will be a post featuring all my Inktober works. If you want to get live updates of my Inktober-Experience, you can follow me on Instagram, where I will post all the things I deem good enoug!

But enough talking, here are the smaller drawings from September

So the first one is a pencil drawing where I practiced eyes. Not eye shape or something, but more pupils and lighting inside of them because for me it’s always hard to control where the people in my drawings look. The second one is the ink drawing. Originally, I planned to draw it completely in ink but then I screwed up on the shirt so I had to improvise. Luckily, it was the day after the NASA press conference and there were photos of Mars in the newspaper, so I didn’t even have to print textures out. Fortunately, there were also photos of the moon phases during Sunday’s lunar eclipse, so that added a nice touch as well and matched the Mars on her shirt.

Then, the bigger drawing:

Now, you may already know that I am bad with backgrounds. Really bad. And really lazy. So I wanted to do backgrounds. Originally I wanted to draw four backgrounds (one on every Sunday) but then I needed two Sundays for this one alone (only three hours a Sunday, though), so I decided to draw something different the other Sundays.
Here’s some progress on the background:

Last but not least, no DTYHD is complete without at least one hand.
I drew this hand inside of an old Atlas, which is going to be my huge ass sketchbook-project once my travel sketchbook is full (only 10 pages left. Gonna miss it)

Hope you all had a great September! It’s time to get ready for Halloween now! I’m so excited already.

We’re crazed, angry, sweaty animals!


Have you seen the last Gravity Falls Episode? It was called “The last Mabelcorn” and it was so awesome. Asshole Unicorns, Bill Cipher appeared again and there were a couple of interesting revelations concerning him.
My favourite moment though was when Wendy had to motivate Mabel, Candy and Grenda and held a little speech.

It’s time we stop trying to be perfect and be who we really are.
We’re crazed, angry, sweaty animals!
We’re not unicorns!

That was so awesome. Like, seriously, my favourite moment of the whole series so far. I have a soft spot for Wendy anyway but this was amazing. More motivating than Shia’s “DO IT” even.
And of course, I had to draw something inspired by this very empowering moment.

I have to admit though, that I recycled the background from my gravity falls screencap redraw from “Into the Bunker”

Laziness is a virtue
Laziness is a virtue

But here’s the finished piece again, I hope you like it!


Draw Things You Hate Drawing Sundays-August


I have a comfort zone. My comfort zone is portraits of white girls. I do have this comfort zone because I am afraid of screwing things up and feeling like a pile of talentless garbage afterwards while offending tons of people because they had to lay eye upon the crap I produced. So I seldom step out of my comfort zone and try new things. Even more rarely after I finished school and don’t have art class anymore where I was forced to try different things.
And to be honest I’m sick of it. So I decided to put up a challenge for myself.
Every Sunday I would draw something I hate or don’t have the courage to draw (it sounds weird but sometimes I am really scared when I have to draw something). For me that means focusing on anatomy, hands, skintones and males (all my men basically looked like girls with short hair so I stopped drawing males when I was nine. When “Frozen” came out I drew Jack Frost/Elsa fanart and Jack looked like he went through his Emo phase and decided to go for too much eyeliner that morning which was another reason to never draw males again. Surprisingly, this fanart had a lot of likes on deviantart.)

But since I know myself, I didn’t put too much pressure into it. My motto was “Draw every Sunday. It doesn’t matter how much you draw, it doesn’t matter if it sucks. Just draw every sunday and everything’s fine”

To my own surprise I actually drew every sunday. Here are the results:

Now I know, it’s not a lot, but it’s a beginning. It was pretty hard since I wasn’t at home on three Sundays, but I tried and that’s the main point for the first couple of months.

If you want to step out of your comfort zone, too, feel free to join me and show me the results!
To find references I use this site, which is especially for the purpose of practicing different things. You can choose between Figure, Animal, Hands & Feet and Faces & Expression drawing. Once you’ve chosen the category you have another bunch of options and then you’ll get a slide show of random photographs you can use as references 🙂

Man, I really hope I can keep up with those Sundays

Mad News

Hey guys! I got some amazing news!

You might already know my painting of Capable from Mad Max Fury Road

This fanart means a lot to me. It’s the first painting I ever did that got quite a lot of recognition on tumblr and deviantart. After I uploaded it to deviantart and a couple of people faved it, I got a notice in my inbox from teefury. They told me they’d like to sell my drawing as a print, I just had to do small changes. Of course I immediately said yes and now you’re able to purchase a poster of this lovely lady on teefury!

You can get your very own print right here!

Shit Nouveau

sketchbook updates

Do you remember when I introduced you to my travel sketchbook? The sketchbook I use to doodle whenever I’m not at home?

I have some updates! I did some new drawings when I was traveling around and added some extras to older drawings. To be exact, those extras are just one extra, called nail polish. “Oil Slick” by Ciaté to be even more precise. This nail polish has a beautiful metallic golden shade that changes colours to green and blue depending on the angle you look at. You probably already noticed that I really love gold and my new nail polish just made me want to experiment. And who the hell wouldn’t want to have drawings that match your nails?

I was pretty nervous at first because I didn’t know whether the nail polish would dry properly or would keep this awesome colour changing effect, but lucky me, everything turned out exactly how I wanted. So this nail polish becomes my new alternative to golden watercolour from my paintbox. (which is not satisfying AT ALL. It turns into a mildly glittering brown once it is dry.)
Now, prepare for the best part:  I got the nail polish on sale. 50% off, oh yeah.

And since the photos don’t really show how the colours change really accurately, here are two Gifs of my desperate attempt to give you the real experience:

Last but not least, I have to “announce” a little thing coming this sunday already.
This month I decided to seriously work on my skills and started my “Draw things you hate drawing”-Sundays. Every sunday I draw stuff I hate, am bad at or scared of drawing to get out of my comfort zone. You got a little glimpse of those studies/practices here already with the Prague-hands where I faced my fear of hands and drawing from life. This sunday, as it is the last sunday of August, I’m going to share all of my sunday studies from this month so be prepared for anatomy, males & more hands!

Hand study I did in Prague

See you all on Sunday!

The Fault in Our Coffeeshops


Since you all seemed to like my post about my trip to Prague a lot, I decided to do a similar one about my trip to Amsterdam!

Amsterdam. The Dutch capital, city of bicycles and a thousand bridges. Apparently also the city the protagonists from “The Fault in Our Stars” visited. I never read that book or watched the movie but I found a huge ton of John Green quotes when I was searching for quotes about Amsterdam.

Ay, look, it's mee
Ay, look, it’s mee, not awkwardly standing at all

I arrived on Thursday, stayed there until Monday and then left to travel on to a tiny village on an island to get a little closer to the sea and relax a bit after the pretty stressful days in Amsterdam.
Since it’s August and many students in Europe have their summer holidays right now, there were a lot of tourists. Many streets were really full, especially the ones where you could find popular stores like River Island, Forever 21 and Monki but when you left the area around the Amsterdam Centraal train station, which is an incredibly beautiful building, there were less people.
Always present though were Bicycles.
Most residents of Amsterdam go by bike and you could rent bikes everywhere so there were a lot of tourists riding their rented two wheeled vehicles around. It’s quite intimidating at first because with all the pedestrians it’s quite difficult to overlook everything and the reckless cyclists with their ever ringing bells made it all even more complicated. But at some point you get used to the constant fear of being run over and you just roll along.

A thing you realize immediately after entering the city is the really unique and beautiful architecture. Many houses were built in the height instead of the broad, have a beautifully decorated roof and oftentimes a hook at the top of the house. The reason for the height, narrowness and the hook is simply that the amount of tax money people had to pay in the past, depended on the width of their house so everybody tried to build their house as slim as possible. The result was that of course, everything inside the house, including the doors and staircases were really tiny and it was difficult to get furniture in and out the doors when they moved house or wanted to refurnish the bathroom or something. It was way easier to use the windows since they were actually wider than the door oftentimes. To lift the furniture up, the hook was used. Basically they pull a rope through it and then hoist it all up. People still do this actually and this is a thing the Dutch do all over the country, not just in Amsterdam.
The decorations you can see on the roof above the hook refers to the family name or the profession of the family who were the original owner of the house.

Another “oddity” of the city is that when you wander around aimlessly and just look at everything and the other people is that you can find streets that smell so strongly of weed, it’s almost amazing. When I got there I was so excited about the city and the trip to the Van Gogh museum we did in the evening that I forgot the fact that Marijuana is legal in the Netherlands. So when I first read the word “Coffeeshop” from afar I was like “Nice. Coffee. Maybe there are some muffins, too. Damn, I’d love a muffin right now.” It wasn’t until I stood in front of it, read the “Nix 18” signs and the smell of Weed gently caressed my nostrils that I realized that this was not a Coffeeshop but a Coffeeshop. But seeing Coffeeshops at many corners becomes just as normal as the homicidal cyclists. (#NotAllCyclists though. Most of them seemed uninterested in murdering innocent German girls)


My favourite part about my Amsterdam trip was definitely the Van Gogh Museum. I know it sounds weird, but I heard so much about him at school, I read so much about him on the internet, in books, I saw so many prints of his paintings, it almost felt like I was going to see an old friend. Like, you enter the building and you just go “Hey Vincent, what have you been up to?” when you see the first hall that was filled with his self portraits. Looking into his eyes and seeing his brushstrokes just feels like you really get in touch with him even more than before. I think, seeing his paintings lets you get closer to him than the information about his life, friends and relatives in the upper floor.

I am almost ashamed I bought a t-shirt with one of his portraits on it in the souvenir shop after I was done. Luckily, I’m just ALMOST ashamed.
I also felt like a huge art nerd at some point because I explained a lot about his works, his technique and his life to my travel-mates and at some point a German family just followed me and my friends around and listened to everything I had to say about him.

Amsterdam also has something to offer for the lovers of contemporary art among you. The “De Appel” museum hosts interesting exhibitions where some lesser known artists get to show their work, too. The admission is pretty cheap. You pay a lower price (4,50€) until you reach the age of 19 which meant that I felt like a non-adult for the first time since December 2014. It was a nice feeling. Thank you, De Appel. Children below the age of 13 are free, I think.

Walking through the exhibition there didn’t take a lot of time but the cause for this was basically that the main artist who showcased his sculptures there, Michael E. Smith, decided to show his works in nearly empty rooms. Picture a rather big exhibition hall and then in the middle or at the side of the room a pretty small scultpure. Most not even knee-height. This caused a pretty eerie atmosphere since many of the objects gave you this feeling of “What the Hell” and many are even unsettling to look at. It was weird-as-fuck-contemporary art with a touch of “Dude, what are trying to tell me with that bread slicer on rails” (No shit, there really was a slicer on rails). It was fabulous.

Now, I know, this is not everybody’s kind of art and all my friends didn’t like it at all, which caused me to rant about how people deal with contemporary art, but in my opinion, it really is worth a trip because sometimes you just have to see weird shit. (I mean “Weird shit” in the most positive way.)

If you go there, take a look at the guest book after you finished walking through.

This one page from the guestbook in the gallery sums everything up you need to know about De Appel.
You will be torn between this is crap & this is art all the time. (and there are things of which I personally think definitely are pretentious and yes, maybe even shit, but still art)
I do not agree with this “Italian Architect” though because I think that telling artists that what they do is not “art” is a little harsh since you would have to define what art is in the first place and then you’d have to take a look into the future to see which art actually had an impact on following generations of artists to judge if it was “good” or “bad” art. I also think that using “I’m an Architect from Italy” as some sort of validation of an argument (because let’s be real, that’s the only reason why that dude wrote that) is pretty weak. You see, I could rant again about contemporary art and how people deal with it but that would be too much.

Last recommendations: 

You can get online tickets to most of the popular museums. Get them. They allow you to skip the queues and those queues can be very, very, VERY long. Waiting times up to an hour or two are common, even if you get there late in the evening or rather early.

Again, LEAVE THE CENTER. There are less tourists, so it’s nice to walk through emptier streets instead of the crowded ones. You can also find amazing and unique stores. Secondhand stores, a toy store where absolutely everything moves in some way and little planes fly through the shop, they’re not where the tourists are. If you want to find the giant chain stores, then you go where the other tourists are.

Take a boat tour through the little canals of Amsterdam. Yes. This one is very touristy but worth it. We did it right at the beginning of our trip so we immediately got some sort of overview of many interesting sight seeing points and saw the city from a different perspective.

Last but not least: Book a hostel.  I’m a fan of hostels. Not only are they way cheaper but, damn, the people you meet. They’re worth every single painful climb onto the upper half of the bunkbed.