Draw Things You Hate Drawing Sundays- September

Last month I told you about my plan to improve & challenge myself and here we are, second month. 

Now this month was a bit different. It was less (or none) traditional “studies”/figure drawing exercises but one bigger painting that took me two Sundays, one drawing I did to try a new medium, in this case, it was ink. I did this practice with ink because this month I am going to participate in Inktober 🙂
Inktober is basically an art challenge where you draw with ink every day in October. It’s not about doing big, masterful ink drawings but more about doing little sketches and doodles. I’m really excited about this and really hope I can do this. I also decided not to do Draw Things You Hate Drawing Sundays in October because of the daily drawings I’m going to do, so instead of a DTYHD-Post by the end of October, there will be a post featuring all my Inktober works. If you want to get live updates of my Inktober-Experience, you can follow me on Instagram, where I will post all the things I deem good enoug!

But enough talking, here are the smaller drawings from September

So the first one is a pencil drawing where I practiced eyes. Not eye shape or something, but more pupils and lighting inside of them because for me it’s always hard to control where the people in my drawings look. The second one is the ink drawing. Originally, I planned to draw it completely in ink but then I screwed up on the shirt so I had to improvise. Luckily, it was the day after the NASA press conference and there were photos of Mars in the newspaper, so I didn’t even have to print textures out. Fortunately, there were also photos of the moon phases during Sunday’s lunar eclipse, so that added a nice touch as well and matched the Mars on her shirt.

Then, the bigger drawing:

Now, you may already know that I am bad with backgrounds. Really bad. And really lazy. So I wanted to do backgrounds. Originally I wanted to draw four backgrounds (one on every Sunday) but then I needed two Sundays for this one alone (only three hours a Sunday, though), so I decided to draw something different the other Sundays.
Here’s some progress on the background:

Last but not least, no DTYHD is complete without at least one hand.
I drew this hand inside of an old Atlas, which is going to be my huge ass sketchbook-project once my travel sketchbook is full (only 10 pages left. Gonna miss it)

Hope you all had a great September! It’s time to get ready for Halloween now! I’m so excited already.


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