…But where have you been?

me again
Busy. And lazy. A deathly combination for a free-time-blogger (or at least for me).

In November, lots of things happened in my “professional” life. I started working two jobs, one as a waitress and one as some sort of bartender (I basically give beer to people all day long). I don’t really love them, but it’s money. Money I need for next year when I’m going to start studying.
For the first two weeks of November I also had an internship at a local designstudio. Their focus is more on interior- and productdesign but I simply loved their stuff, so I decided to go for it. My city doesn’t really have a HUGE offer in terms of design and art and they have by far the coolest style of all the studios in the city and I loved their stuff in general as well.

I had two tasks for my internship. One was to reinterpret one of their products called “Neuer Ordner”, which is basically the classic windows-folder made from metal so you can put it on your wall.
I decided to fill that thing up with flowers. The idea behind the Ordner is to bring the digital world back into the real one, so I immediately heard my grandma say “Girl, go outside, pick some flowers!”. So there I go. I also think it just looks really cool because of the very clean lines of the Ordner opposing the disorder in the flowers.

neuer ordner2-1.jpgThe second task was to design something christmas-y. Originally, it was supposed to be a small product but since I had limited time and they already knew that I’m more of an illustration & graphics girl, I was allowed to creat Christmas cards. Here, our idea was to connect social media or internet-phenomenons with traditional christmas things.

They’re now for sale on Redbubble!


But of course I’ve been at least a little creative when I was at home. Here’s an epic compilation of my art adventures.




And last but not least, a little sneak peak.
If you’re on tumblr and interested in Psychology you might know Psych2go. They share interesting little facts about Psychology everyday and since earlier this year, they have their own facebook group and a couple of smaller groups for specific things. There’s one for photographers, for writers, for dream interpretation and one for doodles.
I’m pretty active in this group and after I posted my FKA twigs drawing one of the creators of Psych2go apporached me and asked if I’d like to be a part of the Psych2go Magazine Graphic Design team.
Of course I said yes.

Here’s one of the doodles I made for the magazine:


Can you guess the topic of the article? 🙂
Also, sometime next year I’m going to illustrate for a feminist zine as well, it’s going to be about women in Hollywood & the movie industry 


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