Short Trip to the Golden City


In my last post I already mentioned my trip to Prague shortly so here are a little more details!

My friend and me drove there on Sunday and stayed in a hostel until Wednesday. We shared a room with 4 other people among them a 29-year-old american who spent 9 years in the navy and I can tell you, he LOVED his country. Our hostel was just about five minutes of walking distance from the Old Town Square, which is right by the astronomical clock.

If you ever go to Prague in summer, I recommend going to the Old Town Square by night or late evening. Grab a can of beer or a beverage of your choice and sit down. You’ll meet a lot of people from tons of different countries. Everybody’s just sitting around, talking, drinking. One evening, it was somebody’s birthday and suddenly everyone on the square sang Happy Birthday. It was pretty nice.

By the way, some advice a tour guide gave us was to never ever buy something on the Old Town Square. On the square and around it are little Food Stands and Cafes but they are rather expensive. And while the square is pretty and it’s tempting to sit down in a Cafe there, better walk a couple of streets from the square and you’ll find smaller ones with a more unique offer for a lot less money.

During our trip lots of things happened. I became Misfits-girl, somebody decided that my high fives are not ordinary things but a blessing from god, we drank the cheapest Caipirinha ever and met a dude who tried to balance over Charles Bridge to set a World Record. We saw people who casually  stood around with snakes around their necks. All this are just things that made our trip unique and pretty fantastic but even without all this Prague has a lot to offer. Beautiful Architecture, interesting (living!) history, cheap food & Segways everywhere. We’ll definitely return.

A last recommendation:
When you go to Prague, take a walking tour, there are many offers of free tours (don’t forget to tip in the end though.It’s the only way the guides earn money) and then just go exploring.
Take a map and start walking. Leave the immediate center and you’ll see even more interesting buildings, you’ll meet a lot of people, believe me. If you want to save money go for a hostel. Many of them are very close to important places in the city and you’ll get to share the room with people from all over the world who might have interesting stories to share. And definitely go to Charles Bridge in the evening. When you go there a little late (10 pm-ish) there will be little other tourists on the bridge and you can see all the illuminated buildings.
Seeing this will give you an impression why the city is called “Golden Prague” as well.


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