Draw Things You Hate Drawing Sundays-August


I have a comfort zone. My comfort zone is portraits of white girls. I do have this comfort zone because I am afraid of screwing things up and feeling like a pile of talentless garbage afterwards while offending tons of people because they had to lay eye upon the crap I produced. So I seldom step out of my comfort zone and try new things. Even more rarely after I finished school and don’t have art class anymore where I was forced to try different things.
And to be honest I’m sick of it. So I decided to put up a challenge for myself.
Every Sunday I would draw something I hate or don’t have the courage to draw (it sounds weird but sometimes I am really scared when I have to draw something). For me that means focusing on anatomy, hands, skintones and males (all my men basically looked like girls with short hair so I stopped drawing males when I was nine. When “Frozen” came out I drew Jack Frost/Elsa fanart and Jack looked like he went through his Emo phase and decided to go for too much eyeliner that morning which was another reason to never draw males again. Surprisingly, this fanart had a lot of likes on deviantart.)

But since I know myself, I didn’t put too much pressure into it. My motto was “Draw every Sunday. It doesn’t matter how much you draw, it doesn’t matter if it sucks. Just draw every sunday and everything’s fine”

To my own surprise I actually drew every sunday. Here are the results:

Now I know, it’s not a lot, but it’s a beginning. It was pretty hard since I wasn’t at home on three Sundays, but I tried and that’s the main point for the first couple of months.

If you want to step out of your comfort zone, too, feel free to join me and show me the results!
To find references I use this site, which is especially for the purpose of practicing different things. You can choose between Figure, Animal, Hands & Feet and Faces & Expression drawing. Once you’ve chosen the category you have another bunch of options and then you’ll get a slide show of random photographs you can use as references 🙂

Man, I really hope I can keep up with those Sundays


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