I need a break

It’s day 14 of Inktober! Two weeks already!
I never would have thought it, but I’m actually only one day behind so far! And I even like most of my inktober drawings. It’s amazing.
But Inktober left me little time to draw digitally so I decided to take a small Ink-break today and draw something with my beloved tablet today.
Of course I’ll draw my Ink-thing for today as well (I REALLY want 31 drawings in the end), but this was a nice change after two weeks of ink.

But I can tell you, Ink is an amazing medium and I definitely am going to use it more often in the future.
If you want to check out my Inktober girls,  feel free to visit my Instagram!

But anyway. Here’s my little digital drawing:



And the final thing
And the final thing

During painting I just needed to hum “like a prayer” by Madonna all the time. But the “praying” hands are not really a religious statement, they’re more of a “Can I draw hands yet?”

In other news:

If you’re interested in prints, mugs, phone cases, laptop sleeves and all that jazz, you can now find my stuff on Redbubble! 

I think of joining Society 6 too, so maybe I’ll see you soon on there as well!

Even bigger news: My drawing of this lovely witch is going to be published in a real, actual magazine.Like, a magazine made from paper and all that.
I’m so excited.

witch ebenen


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