I need a break

It’s day 14 of Inktober! Two weeks already!
I never would have thought it, but I’m actually only one day behind so far! And I even like most of my inktober drawings. It’s amazing.
But Inktober left me little time to draw digitally so I decided to take a small Ink-break today and draw something with my beloved tablet today.
Of course I’ll draw my Ink-thing for today as well (I REALLY want 31 drawings in the end), but this was a nice change after two weeks of ink.

But I can tell you, Ink is an amazing medium and I definitely am going to use it more often in the future.
If you want to check out my Inktober girls, ย feel free to visit my Instagram!

But anyway. Here’s my little digital drawing:



And the final thing
And the final thing

During painting I just needed to hum “like a prayer” by Madonna all the time. But the “praying” hands are not really a religious statement, they’re more of a “Can I draw hands yet?”

In other news:

If you’re interested in prints, mugs, phone cases, laptop sleeves and all that jazz, you can now find my stuff on Redbubble!ย 

Iย think of joining Society 6 too, so maybe I’ll see you soon on there as well!

Even bigger news: My drawing of this lovely witch is going to be published in a real, actual magazine.Like, a magazine made from paper and all that.
I’m so excited.

witch ebenen


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