Guess who’s back


And guess who also started a new sketchbook?
Correct, it’s me.

November was a VERY busy month for me, that’s why there were no new posts. I had an internship at a local designstudio, Njustudio, which was an amazing experience. I was allowed to do my own interpretation of one of their products and create a couple of christmas cards (which are now for sale on Redbubble. So if you need a couple of gifts, you know where to shop.)
Aside from the internship I started working two jobs as well, so whenever I was home I just fell into my bed and turned into an actual sloth. But it was worth it, I got money, I got experience.

If you’ve been following my Instagram, you might know that I participated

Drawing and Chinese Take-Away. This is how I roll.

in Inktober and ALMOST finished 31 drawings. 15 is almost 31, don’t argue with my logic in that point. The VERY belated Inktober post is going to come too, maybe in some sort of “What I’ve been up to in my absence in general” post. Not sure yet.
Inktober was fun, Inktober was a great challenge and made me realise one thing:

I love drawing traditionally as much as I love doing it digitally.

That’s why I decided to start a new Sketchbook, where I want to start using watercolour again, keep on doing ink-things and experiment with techniques and mediums a bit.

In the first week of Sketchbook-Shenanigans it seemed like there definitely was forming some sort of pattern.
Passive to very active aggressiveness.

Without further ado, here are my little, pink sketch-gems. Beware, there are a couple of middle fingers and swearing.

See ya later, alligator!


Shit Nouveau

sketchbook updates

Do you remember when I introduced you to my travel sketchbook? The sketchbook I use to doodle whenever I’m not at home?

I have some updates! I did some new drawings when I was traveling around and added some extras to older drawings. To be exact, those extras are just one extra, called nail polish. “Oil Slick” by Ciaté to be even more precise. This nail polish has a beautiful metallic golden shade that changes colours to green and blue depending on the angle you look at. You probably already noticed that I really love gold and my new nail polish just made me want to experiment. And who the hell wouldn’t want to have drawings that match your nails?

I was pretty nervous at first because I didn’t know whether the nail polish would dry properly or would keep this awesome colour changing effect, but lucky me, everything turned out exactly how I wanted. So this nail polish becomes my new alternative to golden watercolour from my paintbox. (which is not satisfying AT ALL. It turns into a mildly glittering brown once it is dry.)
Now, prepare for the best part:  I got the nail polish on sale. 50% off, oh yeah.

And since the photos don’t really show how the colours change really accurately, here are two Gifs of my desperate attempt to give you the real experience:

Last but not least, I have to “announce” a little thing coming this sunday already.
This month I decided to seriously work on my skills and started my “Draw things you hate drawing”-Sundays. Every sunday I draw stuff I hate, am bad at or scared of drawing to get out of my comfort zone. You got a little glimpse of those studies/practices here already with the Prague-hands where I faced my fear of hands and drawing from life. This sunday, as it is the last sunday of August, I’m going to share all of my sunday studies from this month so be prepared for anatomy, males & more hands!

Hand study I did in Prague

See you all on Sunday!

Two years of studies, sketches and painted soda cans


In my last post I already told you that I was able to pick up some of the things I drew at school in the final two years and here they are.

In our lessons we mainly did drawing exercises from photo references and from life as well. In our “normal” lessons we also did a bigger project.
In the additional lessons for the people who took their final in art we made two bigger drawings, one to practice painting humans and one to practice colours.
The black-and-white human drawing took us about half a school year, the coloured one a little less. We also practiced sculpting things from clay which made me begin to hate clay. I made one pretty decent looking cow skull which broke because I dropped it when I proudly showed it to my mother. I took it as a cosmic sign and decided to never work with clay again even if my life depended on it.

We also did some photography-related exercises where we could first craft something 3-dimensional and then take photos of it. I decided to paint soda cans with patterns that were inspired by classic blue and white porcelain.

To be honest, I think the photos turned out super rad. Still very proud.

In our extra-lessons, which took place with a class consisting of six people, we also had an hour every month where we would look at our sketchbooks.
Right at the beginning of 11th grade everyone of us got a sketchbook and there were no limitations on what was supposed to go in there. Drawings, paintings, a friend of mine filled a full double page with uninflated party balloons and cling film, everything was possible.

The sketchbook was definitely my favourite part of 11th and 12th grade art and I was more than happy when I finished the last page of mine exactly two weeks before our first final because now I have a sketchbook that exactly documents those two years.

Since the sketchbook has a couple of pages, I decided to record a video of me flicking through the pages with cute, bubbly ukulele music in the background so we all can be happy.
I recommend watching it on fullscreen (or at least on the vimeo site since the video is quite small here) and with HD turned on!

Mountain Landscape

Laziness is a virtue.

I have a confession to make. 

I am lazy. Incredibly lazy. Take the laziest person you know, multiply their laziness by 10 and you get my level of laziness.

That’s one of the reasons why I always try to avoid drawing actual backgrounds even though I actually like drawing them. Background challenge
One of the only times I drew a background was when I made a Screencap-redraw of a Gravity Falls Episode (Into the Bunker). Browsing Tumblr, I found a pretty cool thing, a 30 Days Background Challenge. As you can probably imagine, this is about drawing a different themed background everyday for the next 30 days. I immediately liked a lot of the topics on the list and decided to take part. I don’t know if I will draw one everyday or if I will draw every 30 of them, but I’ll definitely do the ones with themes I like.

I decided to start with “Mountains Landscape”, Number 13 on the list. I decided to draw the mountains at night so I can add awesome northern lights inspired effects in the sky because I just love them and it gives the whole drawing some sort of look that makes me think of Iceland which is in the Top 5 of my “To visit” list.

I wanted the whole drawing to have a bit of a rough look, a little shabby and I wanted the mountains to look rough, a bit two-dimensional, not photorealistic. Like somebody took a sheet of paper and just ripped shapes out of it and glued it on the background.

So here are some process screenshots I took during working on the landscape:

In the final drawing I did some colour adjustments to make the colours pop a bit more.
In the final drawing I did some colour adjustments to make the colours pop a bit more.

Hold courage to your chest

Yesterday I really felt the need to draw something non-digitally.
Since a couple of months I focused on digital art because I wanted to imrpove it a lot and when I still had school a month ago, I had a pencil in my hand the whole day and basically spent all my lessons doodling something so the digital painting was a nice break.


But school is as good as over and I haven’t touched my pencils for ages. The last time I actively used them was in my art final and the art final is something I erased from my memories completely. It was a horrible day.
In my mind I had an idea floating around for a very long time already so I decided to finally go for it. I was inspired by King by Years and Years especially the line “I was a King under your control”.
In the end my scanner screwed up and the colours turned out horrible so I had to paint over it digitally in the end. This led to the final picture, more mixed media than traditional but hey, I’m more satisfied than I thought I would be.

I even took pictures of the process:

There’s no going back

Capable. Portrayed by Riley Keough

So yesterday I watched Mad Max Fury Road with some friends. That movie was absolutely amazing. The visual style is just on point, the colours are wonderful and the female characters were perfect. Imperator Furiosa who freed the “wives” of an insane ruler called Immortan Joe was super badass and the wives themselves were just so credible. They didn’t turn into fighting machines with mad skill but they were at not one single point damsels in distress. They helped Furiosa and Max as best as they could and were just generally impressive.
I immediately wanted to draw all of them but I decided to start with Capable (Riley Keough) because she’s just so great with the War Boy Nux. So here she is.

By the way, big news! 
You can now get this portrait as a print on teefury! 


So here we go, first real post. I am excited.

This one’s a digital painting of Andromeda inspired by the song Cepheus by Fewjar. The song is basically about Cepheus (duh) king of Aethiopia, husband of Cassiopeia and father of Andromeda. Cassiopeia said that her daughter Andromeda was way prettier than the Nereids, some kind of sirens, which made Poseidon so angry that he sent out a sea monster to attack Aethiopia. The only way to prevent this was to sacrifice Andromeda. But -spoiler alert- the dashing Perseus came just in time to save her and killed the monster.
In the video many symbols and metaphors were used, so I don’t know if my version is really 100% what the fewjar-guys imagined but I thought that the cepheuswhole story was pretty interesting and I really wanted to draw something related to it.

Like the band I decided to show a naked Andromeda to express how vulnerable she is in her situation and a person is probably most vulnerable when naked. Additionally I put an arrow thorugh her neck to show that at the point where Cassiopeia and Cepheus decide to sacrifice her, she was well, pretty much dead. I also only can try to imagine the fear she felt and sometimes when you’re extremely scared or sad/disappointed (you know, in those situations when your parents want to feed you to a monster) you have this lump in your throat. The arrow in this case is the lump in her throat but a little more drastic to match her extreme situation.

Next, I thought that Andromeda is actually completely innocent about the whole deal. It was her mother who baosted about her beauty, not herself. And for me, flowers are most of the time a symbol for innocence, especially flowers that grow wildly in nature so I decided to give her some flowers to hold but not neatly arranged ones like bouquets you could find at your local florist, more like flowers looking like she picked them up directly from a forest floor. With this I also tried to refer to the video again since you can see her in the forest there. In the “halo” behind her head you can see the Andromeda nebula (but I adjusted the colours a bit) and the Andromeda Starconstellation.
Below her are the symbols Fewjar used in the video, an hourglass, a branch and a rock.

Oh and the second hand (now strategically hidden by flowers and a blurry-effect) was a bitch to finish. I hate hands.