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sketchbook updates

Do you remember when I introduced you to my travel sketchbook? The sketchbook I use to doodle whenever I’m not at home?

I have some updates! I did some new drawings when I was traveling around and added some extras to older drawings. To be exact, those extras are just one extra, called nail polish. “Oil Slick” by Ciaté to be even more precise. This nail polish has a beautiful metallic golden shade that changes colours to green and blue depending on the angle you look at. You probably already noticed that I really love gold and my new nail polish just made me want to experiment. And who the hell wouldn’t want to have drawings that match your nails?

I was pretty nervous at first because I didn’t know whether the nail polish would dry properly or would keep this awesome colour changing effect, but lucky me, everything turned out exactly how I wanted. So this nail polish becomes my new alternative to golden watercolour from my paintbox. (which is not satisfying AT ALL. It turns into a mildly glittering brown once it is dry.)
Now, prepare for the best part:  I got the nail polish on sale. 50% off, oh yeah.

And since the photos don’t really show how the colours change really accurately, here are two Gifs of my desperate attempt to give you the real experience:

Last but not least, I have to “announce” a little thing coming this sunday already.
This month I decided to seriously work on my skills and started my “Draw things you hate drawing”-Sundays. Every sunday I draw stuff I hate, am bad at or scared of drawing to get out of my comfort zone. You got a little glimpse of those studies/practices here already with the Prague-hands where I faced my fear of hands and drawing from life. This sunday, as it is the last sunday of August, I’m going to share all of my sunday studies from this month so be prepared for anatomy, males & more hands!

Hand study I did in Prague

See you all on Sunday!


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