A Galaxy in her eyes


Hello you beautiful people out there, I’m back! A new painting, not really inspired by anything this time. I just was in the mood to draw something that is not a portrait because I really want to improve myself anatomy-wise. I decided to not go for a full body portrait at first and instead just practice hands, arms and shoulders. Maybe I’ll have enough courage to go for all 4 limbs next time. I’ll see!
It’s been a long journey until this thing was finished since the process was interrupted by a short trip to Prague. This is pretty unusual for me since most of the time I try to finish my paintings in one sitting. Sometimes this takes up to 10 hours of sitting in front of my PC but I just can’t interrupt my self.

As always here are some progress-screencaps:

Here’s the finished version. I’m a bit torn between the unmirrored one and this but I think I’m staying with the mirrored one. A friend of me said it looked interesting because the girl’s looking down and you don’t know if she can actually see the reflection or what she’s thinking.

Or this
Last but not least I got a little question for you. I already mentioned my trip to Prague above and I’d like to know if you’d be interested in a post featuring the photos I took there? It would be awesome if you let me know in the comments!


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