Two years of studies, sketches and painted soda cans


In my last post I already told you that I was able to pick up some of the things I drew at school in the final two years and here they are.

In our lessons we mainly did drawing exercises from photo references and from life as well. In our “normal” lessons we also did a bigger project.
In the additional lessons for the people who took their final in art we made two bigger drawings, one to practice painting humans and one to practice colours.
The black-and-white human drawing took us about half a school year, the coloured one a little less. We also practiced sculpting things from clay which made me begin to hate clay. I made one pretty decent looking cow skull which broke because I dropped it when I proudly showed it to my mother. I took it as a cosmic sign and decided to never work with clay again even if my life depended on it.

We also did some photography-related exercises where we could first craft something 3-dimensional and then take photos of it. I decided to paint soda cans with patterns that were inspired by classic blue and white porcelain.

To be honest, I think the photos turned out super rad. Still very proud.

In our extra-lessons, which took place with a class consisting of six people, we also had an hour every month where we would look at our sketchbooks.
Right at the beginning of 11th grade everyone of us got a sketchbook and there were no limitations on what was supposed to go in there. Drawings, paintings, a friend of mine filled a full double page with uninflated party balloons and cling film, everything was possible.

The sketchbook was definitely my favourite part of 11th and 12th grade art and I was more than happy when I finished the last page of mine exactly two weeks before our first final because now I have a sketchbook that exactly documents those two years.

Since the sketchbook has a couple of pages, I decided to record a video of me flicking through the pages with cute, bubbly ukulele music in the background so we all can be happy.
I recommend watching it on fullscreen (or at least on the vimeo site since the video is quite small here) and with HD turned on!


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