Hero Challenge: Loish

la mer
Told you I would be more active again!

Recently I got a notice on deviantart which told me that autodesk-sketchbook (developers of some sort of drawing program) were having a so called “Hero Challenge”. They did this a couple of times already, actually. In their challenges they ask professional artists to give the deviantart community a certain task, after the month is over said professional is going to choose five works, three will win some rad prices and the other two get a premium-membership, I think.

I don’t know if I already told you but loish is one of my personal favorite artists and I think her works are one of the multiple reasons why I started drawing digitally, so whatever the task would have been, I would have participated. But loish gave us a pretty neat one called “The deep blue”.
You can probably guess it, it’s water-themed. Underwater-worlds, fish, corals, all that nice stuff.

I wanted to draw a warm-up sketch first with a reference photo of one of my favorite deviantart-photographers, Queen-Kitty. Please pay her a visit and watch her, if you’re a deviantart-member, you won’t regret it.
After some time I quite liked the face I drew and decided to go on from there.
I moved away from the original reference a bit so now it’s more a “loosely inspired by” but no big deal.

Here’s my work on the topic “The deep blue”:

Ladies and gents: The final product

deep sea13klein

Some detail-shots:

My deviantart-page is here by the way


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