The suffering is over

magazine malady
In my previous two posts I already mentioned that I was working on a magazine-ish yearbook which was really time-consuming, so here’s a little more details about this thing.

yearbook cover #4
This is the cover. It’s a pun because Prince Albert (husband of Queen Victoria by the way) gave our school its name and we shamelessly used it as our official motto. The text underneath “Albertrosse” translates to “Ready for takeoff”, so everything was flight-themed, we had boarding passes as personal profiles and all the teachers became the flight attendants, different subjects became the board-entertainment.

I just graduated, official end of my life as a student is June 26th 2015 (same day as legalisation of gay marriage in the US. Hell yes.) and here in good old Germany it’s sort of an tradition to create an “Abiturzeitung”(translates to “Abitur (=A-levels)-Newspaper”).
In it you can read about each graduate. Everybody answered questions about themselves and friends wrote longer texts about them.
Later on there are texts about teachers we had in our final two years of school, you can read about travels we made as a class and teacher-quotes, all that fun stuff.

A “best-off” of eight years of grammar school with a closer focus on year 11 and 12. It’s awesome. It’s funny to read, it’s nice to look at the photos the students share.


During the last years I got to know the other students pretty well so I knew there would be a lot of people handing in their texts too late and there would be problems but seriously, the last week especially was just terrible.
We finally got all the articles but until the other team members handed them to me so I could make the pages print-ready it took even more time.
In the end I was forced to literally work 7 days non stop, it was not pleasant but at some point you just get numb and become an empty shell of what you were before the newspaper crushed your private life and your will to live to death.

Okay, this was a bit exaggerated.
Was it a very pleasant experience though? No.
Would I do it again? OH YES.

Because even though the nights were long and my blood was more caffeine than blood cells by wednesday(I’m just really glad that this was the first time in my life I actually drank coffee because otherwise it would not have helped keeping me awake this good, I’ll stay with my beloved tea in the future though), it was a great experience to design the whole look of this newspaper from cover to backside. And guys, I’m so looking forward to finally holding this baby in my hands, you can’t even believe it. Here are a couple of the graphics/illustrations I made.

Sadly we could not afford to print the whole magazine in colour but nevermind:

So now you know what I’ve been up to those past weeks!
And by the way, a really great thing I discovered when I was going mildly crazy was that Alt-J’s music is the absolute best for spontaneous de-stressing and keeping calm


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