Mountain Landscape

Laziness is a virtue.

I have a confession to make. 

I am lazy. Incredibly lazy. Take the laziest person you know, multiply their laziness by 10 and you get my level of laziness.

That’s one of the reasons why I always try to avoid drawing actual backgrounds even though I actually like drawing them. Background challenge
One of the only times I drew a background was when I made a Screencap-redraw of a Gravity Falls Episode (Into the Bunker). Browsing Tumblr, I found a pretty cool thing, a 30 Days Background Challenge. As you can probably imagine, this is about drawing a different themed background everyday for the next 30 days. I immediately liked a lot of the topics on the list and decided to take part. I don’t know if I will draw one everyday or if I will draw every 30 of them, but I’ll definitely do the ones with themes I like.

I decided to start with “Mountains Landscape”, Number 13 on the list. I decided to draw the mountains at night so I can add awesome northern lights inspired effects in the sky because I just love them and it gives the whole drawing some sort of look that makes me think of Iceland which is in the Top 5 of my “To visit” list.

I wanted the whole drawing to have a bit of a rough look, a little shabby and I wanted the mountains to look rough, a bit two-dimensional, not photorealistic. Like somebody took a sheet of paper and just ripped shapes out of it and glued it on the background.

So here are some process screenshots I took during working on the landscape:

In the final drawing I did some colour adjustments to make the colours pop a bit more.
In the final drawing I did some colour adjustments to make the colours pop a bit more.

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