Hold courage to your chest

Yesterday I really felt the need to draw something non-digitally.
Since a couple of months I focused on digital art because I wanted to imrpove it a lot and when I still had school a month ago, I had a pencil in my hand the whole day and basically spent all my lessons doodling something so the digital painting was a nice break.


But school is as good as over and I haven’t touched my pencils for ages. The last time I actively used them was in my art final and the art final is something I erased from my memories completely. It was a horrible day.
In my mind I had an idea floating around for a very long time already so I decided to finally go for it. I was inspired by King by Years and Years especially the line “I was a King under your control”.
In the end my scanner screwed up and the colours turned out horrible so I had to paint over it digitally in the end. This led to the final picture, more mixed media than traditional but hey, I’m more satisfied than I thought I would be.

I even took pictures of the process:


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