Artist Talk

KimbrastatIn my digital art gallery I already posted my drawing of Kimbra alongside with other paintings. Back when I finished the drawing I posted it on her Facebook Timeline because why not and apparently she saw it and reposted it on her Instagram. But already one month ago.

I guess this is the awkward moment when you don’t realize that your favourite musician posted your art a month ago until your friend googles you and mentions you in a comment. obligatory
I’m a bit angry at myself for not finding this earlier but at the same time I’m just the happiest person alive right now. Literally all the comments are positive and it has more than 2500 likes. This is so amazing. Holy Shit.
For this night, Love in High Places is definitely the song that plays on repeat. Also listen to this live set if you have some time. She is so ridiculously underrated. We should carry her around in a sedan chair.

If you don’t know Kimbra and her music yet, check her out. She’s an amazing singer. She sung with Gotye in “Somebody that I used to know”!

I hope you all have a great day! I continue being absolutely done and emitting screams of joy.



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