There’s no going back

Capable. Portrayed by Riley Keough

So yesterday I watched Mad Max Fury Road with some friends. That movie was absolutely amazing. The visual style is just on point, the colours are wonderful and the female characters were perfect. Imperator Furiosa who freed the “wives” of an insane ruler called Immortan Joe was super badass and the wives themselves were just so credible. They didn’t turn into fighting machines with mad skill but they were at not one single point damsels in distress. They helped Furiosa and Max as best as they could and were just generally impressive.
I immediately wanted to draw all of them but I decided to start with Capable (Riley Keough) because she’s just so great with the War Boy Nux. So here she is.

By the way, big news! 
You can now get this portrait as a print on teefury! 


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