So here we go, first real post. I am excited.

This one’s a digital painting of Andromeda inspired by the song Cepheus by Fewjar. The song is basically about Cepheus (duh) king of Aethiopia, husband of Cassiopeia and father of Andromeda. Cassiopeia said that her daughter Andromeda was way prettier than the Nereids, some kind of sirens, which made Poseidon so angry that he sent out a sea monster to attack Aethiopia. The only way to prevent this was to sacrifice Andromeda. But -spoiler alert- the dashing Perseus came just in time to save her and killed the monster.
In the video many symbols and metaphors were used, so I don’t know if my version is really 100% what the fewjar-guys imagined but I thought that the cepheuswhole story was pretty interesting and I really wanted to draw something related to it.

Like the band I decided to show a naked Andromeda to express how vulnerable she is in her situation and a person is probably most vulnerable when naked. Additionally I put an arrow thorugh her neck to show that at the point where Cassiopeia and Cepheus decide to sacrifice her, she was well, pretty much dead. I also only can try to imagine the fear she felt and sometimes when you’re extremely scared or sad/disappointed (you know, in those situations when your parents want to feed you to a monster) you have this lump in your throat. The arrow in this case is the lump in her throat but a little more drastic to match her extreme situation.

Next, I thought that Andromeda is actually completely innocent about the whole deal. It was her mother who baosted about her beauty, not herself. And for me, flowers are most of the time a symbol for innocence, especially flowers that grow wildly in nature so I decided to give her some flowers to hold but not neatly arranged ones like bouquets you could find at your local florist, more like flowers looking like she picked them up directly from a forest floor. With this I also tried to refer to the video again since you can see her in the forest there. In the “halo” behind her head you can see the Andromeda nebula (but I adjusted the colours a bit) and the Andromeda Starconstellation.
Below her are the symbols Fewjar used in the video, an hourglass, a branch and a rock.

Oh and the second hand (now strategically hidden by flowers and a blurry-effect) was a bitch to finish. I hate hands.


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